Nekomata Short Film

“Nekomata,” directed by Oliver Asadi and featuring the talented Japanese actress Mika Shirahama in the leading role of Chisato Tateyama, is a captivating film deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Japanese mythology. Drawing inspiration from the hauntingly atmospheric Japanese horror films of the 1960s, such as the revered classics “Onibaba” and “Kuroneko,” this cinematic masterpiece weaves together a spellbinding narrative that immerses viewers in a world of supernatural intrigue and spine-chilling suspense.

Produced, Directed, Edited and Shot by Oliver Asadi
1st AD – Rouqi Song
2nd AD – Jiahui Zhou
Makeup & Costume – Rouqi Song
Translated by Hitomi Wajima
Unit Photographer – Adam French

Mika Shirahama as Chisato

Shopping Basket